One in seven women suffer from postpartum depression, anxiety or other disorders that may begin during pregnancy or the months following birth. Because having a baby is supposed to be a joyful time, women are often confused by the emotions they are having if depression sets in. Few women get adequate treatment even if they do manage to seek help. Studies show that participating in support and/or therapy groups may even prevent at-risk women from getting postpartum depression.  Mindful Mammas combines self-care, group therapy process and education on mother-baby interaction and attachment.  The weekly group is safe, interactive place where babes in arms are welcome to attend with mom.  This program is facilitated by Cheryl Hixson, LMFT and Laura Slagle, LMFT who have received training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Call 559-492-6778 to reserve your spot.  

Group therapy can be an affordable way to get the help you need with a cost of $40-$60 per session with insurance often covering part or all depending on your coverage.