Women's Transitions and Self Care Group

All women experience life challenges during various times.  Whether it's divorce, kids moving off to college, moving to a new community, changing careers, learning of a new diagnosis, or blending a family, transitions are challenging and stressful.  Sometimes we manage with ease and other times we need a little help.  Group therapy can be a wonderful way to develop better self-care skills, develop connections, and share common ground in a safe, non-threatening, empathic environment. 

Group therapy has the added benefit of being more cost effective with a cost of $40 - $60 per two-hour session.  Insurance may cover all or part of the session depending on coverage.        

The Women's group is co-facilitated by Cheryl Hixson, LMFT and Laura Slagle, LMFT.  To see if group therapy is appropriate for you call for a screening appointment.